Our goal is to keep you duly updated of the services in progress before being asked. During vessel's attendance you will be notified by our various departments for each service in real time step by step, meaning that you will be aware for example when crew arrived in the airport, accomodated in the hotel and when boarded. Despite of our attending standarts, we are able/flexible to adjust the same according to your requirements, by adding any procedure your good company judge necessary. 

In view to offer personalized services for each company and meet their requirements, we nominate a person in charge for each ShipOwner. Therefore your good company will be able to treat all vessels matters for any Brazilian port always with the same English/Greek speaking person, which will be knowledgeable of your requirements and able to understand, reply, assist and solve vessel’s technical issues.

Protective agency services:
- Protective agency attendance 
- Distress calls
- Holds survey follow up
- Authorities inspections follow up
- Crew changes
- Spare parts and container clearance and delivery
- Supplies
- Issuance/renewal of vessel’s certificates
- Holds cleaning
- Draft surveys
- Hull cleaning and inspection
- Towage contracts
- Checking if PDA/FDA submitted by chartagents is in accordance with official port tariffs
- PDA Funds reception and payments locally to service providers
- Repairs by specialized workshops
- Vessel’s prospects updateds and terminal’s line up
- Assistance on claims and demmurage
- Coordination with local P&I club and Class Surveyors
- VISA issuance follow up
- Bunker supply and surveys
- Any other service regarding maritime activities

Contact Details

+55 11 3964 2172

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a) Hellenic office
Hellas Shipping Agencies
29, Varika street
Athens- Greece - TK 11 524
Phone: +30 210 6916 894

b) Hellas Shipping Agencies
Rua Alberto de Salvo, 44
Barão Geraldo, Campinas - SP - Brazil - CEP 13.048-759
Phone: +55 19 2121 3444